Super Bowl 2019: History says Rams vs. Patriots in Atlanta could be another all-time classic


It is the once and for all finally, we have reached. Super Bowl fifty three a game that will be played down in Atlanta, Georgia. Right around six six twenty between the New England Patriots in Los Angeles. And I think it's now time for me to admit the bitterness the anger the bad feelings I had towards this year's game have to come to an end. Because now it's game time. Now, we will think about degrade. Bella check in the great Brady. Yes. Paul for. The course something we've seen quite a bit over these last seventeen eighteen years Brady and Belichick getting ready and preparing for the night's Super Bowl going up against the boy wonder the next great young coaching store in the NFL, Sean McVeigh, and he's very very talented, Los Angeles. I'm steam and remember, despite the fact that the Rams got the benefit of the whistle. And did not get that penalty. Flag down in New Orleans. Does. The fact that this Rams team all year one of Vegas favorites to win this year Super Bowl. The Rams come into this game. We're Boorda talent. That's why you think about where this line opened up opened up with the LA Rams, basically is a one point favorite. Now that has changed you're going to see New England anywhere from two and a half to three maybe it falls to two we will have to wait and see. The reason New England is going to get that. Nod as far as being a favor, according to Vegas, according to a good amount of you. It's because of what those two gentlemen, had done throughout their entire NFL careers. It's very tough to go into these Super Bowls and pick against Tom Brady and Bill bell check. And I've done it on a couple of occasions that didn't last year had success with Philadelphia Eagles for some of you. You may be did it against the Atlanta the Seattle Seahawks and you can have success when it's twenty eight three falcons. We know what happened. Now, you're probably thinking you're going to have success bet against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick went Seattle and curse makes the spectacular catch. And they're inside the five yard line and marshawn Lynch does not get the ball. And Russell Wilson is intercepted. One of the greater Super Bowl mysteries in the history of my lifetime. This patriot team all year. According to most of us. Fans media, whoever you may be maybe thought they were losing a little bit. Maybe thought that this team didn't have the same offensive firepower. How long can Tom Brady continue to dominate on the north side of forty how much gronk have left. What about the loss of Josh Gordon who they brought in to be a big play weapon? Just goes to show you when you count out the New England Patriots. You're making a monumental mistake. And our molested picked against the patriots in the division around. Bingo well against the patriots two weeks ago championships Sunday instinct classic game. No went to overtime Tom Brady and the pats Bill Belichick and the pats still at team that's left standing. The Rams dole have avenues and ways to win this game. You don't work it. The Rams, nor should you look at the Rams. The way he did on now. The two thousand seven New York Giants who were an overwhelming underdog coming into the game. And we know what happened. The giants won a game prevented the nineteen year. You don't have that here with New England in Los Angeles these evenly matched games. In fact, you could argue one through fifty three you liked the talent of the Los Angeles Rams. A little more. Not crazy. Take reds gonna win this game. If we're sitting here Monday morning, and I'm breaking down Tom Brady going five and four now in Super Bowl games. You will need to see I think to specific keys paramount. The first band, and this is a given any time you're going up against Tom Brady, you better hit him. You better get them into the ground. You'd better sack him. Your pasteurized. Gotta do some work. I won't get Aaron Donald. I look at consumer the interior pass. Rush four. The LA Rams is going to have to play a major role. You did about age rushers. You ain't going to find a better pair of edge rushers Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. I thought off the age those guys we're gonna get the Tom Brady. But remember the game plan for New England was so good net game. He's getting rid of ball, one one and a half seconds. Two seconds bowl. It's out. So you can generate much pass rush. You get them up the middle of changes things a little bit. Aaron Donald wanna show me wise best fence player in the league. Superbowl Madama can sue who has made plenty of all pro teams over the years. Now has his chance in his first Super Bowl to go wreck. Tom Brady, he's had some big games and postseason remember one when he was with Detroit against Dallas Cowboys was in Tony romo's face. Play off the play off the play. I remember game last year. I went to data south Florida when Dominic can sue was over Tom Brady, make your life miserable. For Tom Brady to me. That's data happen. Then you have on the offensive side for LA. Todd Gurley who is one of the most electrifying playmakers in the sport. Who I would argue is the best running back in the sport. Has in. Exactly been that player. Let's be fair. Even if you look at it as a hundred yards that he had against Dallas in the divisional round. Is that what you're going to remember about that game? Of course, dont. No, you have one or two big Ron's that came was all about C, J Anderson and his ability to run the football. You at the championship game Elliott had far more success. Throwing the football running the football. We now has basically two weeks to rest up. We'll see if he's much closer to one hundred percent. I can't envision the LA Rams winning this game and Todd Gurley. He's not gonna play a major role. You know, Bella check will look to take away what you do best. Now. That's the great chess match between these still McVay and Goth trying to get to the line of scrimmage quickly. Surveying the landscape of the field and in China to figure out what they're going to do. And Bella check and his mastery China counteract at the more and more thought about that the more and more fun this Super Bowl matchup become for me. I have to admit because that idea of Sean McVeigh China show a guy. Analyzed a guy that a lot of coaches around the league now who are having great success did going to idolize Bill check because they're going to look at him as the modern day will forty gigging to look at him as a modern day Paul Brown where nobody's doing what he's doing. All these coaches seem to have a shell five all these coaches, even if they're in a job for a long period of time, they have that downturn. John Harbaugh had that downturn Tom Coughlin eventually had that downturn. Mike Tomlin now was having that downtown with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dan, never happens for Bill Belichick and the patriots. They don't miss the postseason. They've only done so twice in seventeen years. Never missed the playoffs since two thousand eight and that was when Tom Brady tours ACL they are used to being in the big game. Wait a variety of different players, and how can McVay now with a roster has maybe a little more talent. Make the necessary adjustment. If need be at halftime figure out. All right. They're taking this guy away. We're gonna make this guy star or that guy star. It's fun

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