NASA Spacecraft Opens New Year At Tiny, Icy World Past Pluto


There. And we crossed it at thirty two thousand miles an hour marks draftsman CBS news, a court stenographer from Montgomery County is getting her fifteen minutes of fame as she was a featured extra in limited series now airing on Showtime KYW suburban bureau chief, Jim Melwert reports. Emily positives. A court reporter in the Montgomery County courthouse. She says one of her friends as an actress and Senator a casting call for a real stenographer for a limited TV series on Showtime escape it down Amora about the thousand fifteen prisoners scaping, upstate New York. She sending some photos and her info and got a meeting with director and executive producer, Ben Stiller her and six others Tenaga for all of us there together like sitting he comes over. I just felt like he. We had like a good connection. Vibe. She got a call on the way home saying she got the part with filming the next week her scenes with Patricia Arquette a prison guarded was implicated in the escape and Bonnie hunt playing New York inspector general, it was I was very nervous. But I just Ben's Stiller just wanted me to type it was like, I do every single day my life. So it wasn't like a strategy or anything, and I just typed away. She says it was a great experience, but not one she's likely to try for again. But she says the feedback from this the Nagasaki community has been very positive and overwhelming. At the suburban bureau, Jim Melwert, KYW NewsRadio. Getting in shape is one of the most common New Year's resolutions. But as KYW's Zan Monaghan report series, a rare, but serious condition that can occur from too much exercise. It's called Raboteau mile ISIS or RAB DOE is a structure of your muscle tissue your muscle, fibers die. And then the stuff

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