US budget shutdown talks to resume but deadlock continues


Breakthrough the Senate, which will alternately need to pass the spending Bill in order to reopen government won't be back on Capitol Hill until Tuesday Sheila Harrison, a federal employees in Saint Louis says she's fed up and the shutdown as keeping some out of their homes. There are rural housing borrowers. That are waiting to get into their homes, and they can at the sign because we can't process their loan. There's also a threat of cuts and food stamp programs possible delays in income tax refunds, and there's an increase in the number of tea as a employees who are calling in. Sick Sunday marks the sixteen th day of the partial government, shutdown CBS news update and Alison keys. KCBS news time is eleven thirty two Carol Burnett. Margaret show weird Al yankovic and W Kamau Ballard just some of the performers who will be in San Francisco this month as part of the eighteenth annual

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