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I coached in the Special Olympics in Chicago for ten years. Hell, yeah. I just moved down here used the Doug Collins a Special Olympics. Seth. I'm sorry. I said you're the Doug Collins of Special Olympics. He was a legendary Chicago Bulls coach I thought I would make Chicago Bulls Collins. Yes. Yeah. Okay. Well, I remember watching him in college. And he's still part of the bulls organization. That's beautiful. I didn't know he's alive. Go on. Yeah. He is alive in the sun coaches at northwestern ain't that something. But. I had a special needs son for five and a half years of foster son. And my wife was as teacher, and we did the Olympics for ten years. And when jerus- said. This guy win drew. They kind kinda got me a little because this guy is probably going to go and kick throughs, AS Andreas. Probably very good me. I'm drew. Oh, yeah. But you don't always, sir. I'm like Rick Perry meets Larry Bird from the line. Amanda. You're right now. Yes, sir. We've been on the radio. I wouldn't use that language. No. You didn't. It's okay. It's quite alright. People use worse. John. So I just wanted to say that a lot of these special Olympians really good at what they do when they're very competitive. Our son. It was used to getting medals. And when he got a ribbon he ripped it off and threw it down and said, I don't want this. So the guy that you're going, do, you know, the person you're going to shoot against Thomas? Yes. He's he's a really good, dude. He's been on our show before a Special Olympics athlete, and I'm really looking forward to competing with them. Have you ever seen him play never seen him play? But he's a very athletic fellow. I'll tell you that much strapping lad, yes. So what you're saying say let him win winning that? I'm I'm thinking you don't have to let him win. Salary is gonna win any ways. And I'm not saying, you're not good. But I'm not very good. That's why we we brought in some people that have seen drew played basketball. And they they said that he has no chance we did. I did get a text from Todd. Right. And he said as defacto oddsmaker for drew grab a live. I set the over under line Grabez free throws made this weekend at five and a half out of ten. Wow. He takes me back. Five minutes later. The line is just dropped the four and a half. That's still take the under. If I'm a betting, man. I like the Todd is our unofficial odd center. Oh, yeah. I said the the conditions in the gymnasium. We're going to be blustery. So I think this line is going to continue to go down. It is going to be a chilly day, but I will be shooting with my shooting shirt on normally I would wear a short sleeve shirt or a jersey. But it'll be chilly. So I believe I'll have my Orlando Magic shoot. Yeah. Shooting shirts sweat suit warm up in. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. Rip it off. It's like a Ripa Alica tearaway NBA one right tear it away. And then I'm wearing nothing underneath. You're not used to playing in front of a crowd either. I'm not sure I mean, you get a couple of promo girls and their just crumble. So not only was doing the free. Throw shots out thirty missed every single one of them. Then Meghan started filming. I think she felt like maybe I should start filming this whole thing. Even though it's been going on for an hour and then drew accidentally made one. And then drew turns the magazine and says, so where are you going to post that just so I know where to see it? I said why are you forcing her to posting you making a free throw? Maybe she could just send it to you. You don't have to try to Becker into a corner to putting up drew making a basket on her Instagram stories, she put it up on her Instagram willingly shared it on my Instagram Atra grab which is now public. I decided what the hell private Garoppolo. We could find you in Instagram. You're not locked up anymore. I was locked up down. Like what the hell why am I being locked up mile? I know it works out me too. Thanks a lot up said. Hey, locked up. But I let most everybody. Yeah. That's the thing is I wasn't like I think I had approved five hundred people in a row without doing it for this one person that I'm looking out for that. That's I'm private for one guy. Then. That's it. Everybody else can come in. But I I must remain private. And then I'll let you see my family. Always forget about that guy. I don't know. How I never forget about him. Yeah. He said the most foul thing that anybody could be worried about him. He said we'd just done

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