Pakistan court to sentence former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in corruption charge


Pakistan. Bloomberg daybreak. Outgoing Defense Secretary James Mattis will now leave the job two months early with President Trump promotion, his top deputy from January. First the abrupt move cut short his tenure to count showed. His tenure was announced in a tweet. It follows criticism about the withdrawal from Syria and a sense of turmoil in the national security team. Donald Trump has announced Patrick Shanahan will be the acting US Defense Secretary from January first and SpaceX has cancer wrinkled year with the deployment of a new GPS satellite for the US air force. The mission was the twenty first of the year. Breaking the previous high of eighteen sit in twenty seventeen global news twenty four hours a day on here and it takes on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Ben Clarke, this is Bloomberg Marcus much band straight to sports has Andrew Holtz manager. But it's here Tina is playing down the primarily titled charges despite mastic two demolition of Everton. Win means two points behind second-placed, Manchester. City. Still see city as real contenders. I to win the family. I think it's still a long way to to say we have. Contender eighteen sixteen. So only Rangers are appointed drifter Celtic at the top of the Scottish permission after like two one victory at Johnston memorial. Scott both seconded minute winner. Elites comeback victory of Aston Villa means they go into Christmas championship leaders. One three to having traveled to nil at halftime point clear of Norwich at the halfway stage at the season, but he bends contributed nineteen points has one twenty four fourteen wasps up a sick, puppy unions primary ship you cost for a point below was from after twenty seventeen home homeless the third place pasta. That's

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