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To five one one eight nine three keeping you informed of community celebrations to warm, the body and the soul. This is W O R eighty nine point nine FM, Madison. No winter lasts forever. Okay. And no spring skips. It's turn. So remember that going into these coal cold days? It. Okay. Warm, again, don't you worry? But it's warm right here rain now, and w or eighty nine point nine FM. Absolutely. It is we're having a great time, of course. And as I said two nights, there's a couple of great things happening tonight right in the same parking lot. So at the high noon at seven PM is awards birthday bash. Okay. With Jason James in the hunger. Always gonna tear it up in there. Okay. I'll be there. Come on down and meet some other wonderful word ho-, symbolic tears. Enjoy the time. They're high noon is a great place to be. But also right next door at the brink. And we talked about it lasts. Last Sunday is though ladies rock camp. Showcase, okay. In why? This is amazing one is because women rock. Women do rock, and y'all know this, but these women in particular rack. Because basement this weekend just this weekend learning how to plan instrument, and it's a it's a it's a part of girls rock camp. Okay. It's a continued part of girls rock camp. They spent the weekend learning an instrument learning a song and are gonna rock out for the first time together as a band because they just formed a ban just this weekend Friday through today, and they're going to perform at the brink lounge tonight at the same time as our birthday bash. So you're gonna see me bopping in and out of the parking. Lots of you want to meet me, maybe post yourself right in the center that parking lot between the brink. And the high noon, I'm going back and forth. I'm so absolutely, please. Join us going to be a great great times at the brink. Ladies rottkamp, showcase going to be a great time. Support these women who are living the dream truly. I music is so magic on so powerful. And I thank you for joining us here for music on her infant of. Variety. I'm your host Cooper Talbot. Let's keep on going with the grooves..

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