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Expectations when they returned to market. The pope used his trip to Panama to speak at a global youth rally may piece Karen champs reports. Jerry has addressed he denounced those who so fear and create division. Ponce's? He deviated from his prepared remarks instead urge the next generation to build bridges of understanding. Instead he praised the estimated two hundred and fifty thousand young people many waving the national flags for coming together. Even though they speak different languages and health and different cultures. He said these builders of wools that fair I looking to divide people and books them in the comments seem to be a clear reference to president Donald Trump's proposed border wall at the US Mexico border. He asked the crowd. What do you want to be the crowd chanted back builders of bridges? I'm cancer mass. Long term mortgage rates held steady this week for the second straight week sticking at their lowest levels in nine months after six weeks of decline mortgage by your Freddie, MAC says the average rate on the benchmark thirty year fixed rate mortgage was unchanged from last week at four point four five percent. The average rate this week for a fifteen year fixed rate loans held at three point eight eight percent the decline in home borrowing rates in recent month has been a spur to prospective home buyers. The shutdown and federal workers. I'm Tim Maguire within AP newsman that President Trump agrees to a short term continuing resolution to end the partial government shutdown. Congressional negotiators have three weeks to work out a deal. House speaker Nancy Pelosi pleased that we reach an agreement to reopen government now so that we can have a discussion on how to secure our borders. Trump says any agreement has to include funding for his border wall having barriers fencing or walls,

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