Julie Andrews lends her legendary voice to 'Aquaman' - the direct competitor to 'Mary Poppins Returns'


What is your red light this week? So my red light this week is Julie Andrews now, I know a lot of you were like truly injuries is a treasure. She's one Oskar. She's Mary Poppins. Here's my problem with Julie Andrews now, she famously said she was not going to do a cameo in Mary Poppins returns because she did not want to distract from what Emily blunt was doing. And I thought that is classy lady, but instead, she's doing voice acting job in that stupid aquaman. That is the competitor for Mary Poppins the weekend at opens I've real problems Julie Andrews with you aligning yourself with the stupid, aquaman lake. You wanna be instead of being in a movie with Lin Manuel Miranda and Emily blunt? You want to be an film with amber heard is that what is that what you're hoping for? And I know something you might be like, well, Nicole Kidman's in it. Like, it's totally like, it's not. Nope. You don't get to be in the competing film after you've tried to been like, oh, no. No, I don't wanna I don't to like distract because I'm like a good person. You're not a good person. I don't like this as crazy every time. I see that promo like I gasped, and when Nikki kids comes up, and I'm like, okay. Are you under duress? Are they making you do this? What do they have on you? It's crazy. It's insane. It feels like they have some Scientology history on her that she's like, well, this is I've just gotta take one for the team. She's like all my I guess so Bainian movie. Let's go. I don't know why she's why you always make her cell aggressively. I'll why not it's more fun. I guess she leaves with Keith. And you're like Keith has rubbed off on her. She's logging. Lemme lemme ask my husband Kaethe ebb and what I should do. And he's like, hey, I'm capable and I think you should do this movie NICKY as perfect perfect

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