Hemp legalization could mean big business for farmers


A passionate passionate farmer who has been instrumental in this farm Bill has been. Verbally outspoken about the need for hemp farmers in this country and this movement. And so how exciting to have Josh Hendricks back. How exciting to have Josh Hendricks director of business development for CB sciences. Who is now it's now legal the farm Bill passed and I wanted to hear from a farmer. I wanted to hear what the impact of this Bill passing. Josh how it affects you and the farming industry, and it's such a pleasure. Welcome in happy twenty nineteen. Yeah. Happy new year to you. Glad to be back on and obviously pretty excited about how the we ended the year after. A handful of years lobbies, the two thousand fourteen farm a really lift apart or the the pilot word off this, and and kinda commercializing I've said for years and years now, it's a big deal, and it not only puts more of a legal framework around the plant legalizes the whole plant in all of its derivatives, including canal, which is obviously very important to companies like CD sciences and then for farmers. You not think the crop insurance part is huge. Because there are you know, like it or not there are farmers out there that have been trying to grow him, but at the pilot programs, and maybe whoever they're working with doesn't know these nice, not business savvy and may runs out of money or maybe they had a bad year. They had a big bad genetics or whatever. There's a lot of risk going into that. But with crop insurance at least now they won't have to worry about a tornado or a flood like we saw the Carolinas or a drought or anything like that. They'll actually be a value placed on the crap, and they'll be able to protect themselves and it won't be as risky both legally and at without the insurance support. And let's not forget the fires out west in San Francisco. Hembo, hambro. Yeah. I'd be remiss if I didn't also say that while can state Kentucky where I live in Colorado and Oregon of North Carolina, Tennessee, and a few others, etc. Have taken full advantage of the pilot program within their own states. What this really does is a lot of those states that were questioning what does this mean pilot program, maybe their department bags didn't really want to get that involved in now? Okay. The federal government said, it's okay. And and the state government, then obviously have the right to decide what they want to do with him. But if the federal government says, it's okay, and it's not marijuana week to find it. It's very specific of the USDA's on board. Then these other states you're going to start to see fall in line to wear as we say for over five years now. This can become a commodity and this can't compete on the commodity market. This is a game changer. It's a game changer for the for the CBD hemp world. It's also this is where we were talking earlier today with a compounding pharmacists, talking about the efficacy of products, and how difficult it is to know that the gas station CBD is just as quality is the sciences CBD. And there's a lot of as you know, people putting CBD on a label when there's not enough of anything in it. Yeah. I it's it's an interesting time we live in obviously, we're in the wild west. And and to be honest, and this is not big braggadocious is fact at this point because we're a little head a game. You're not gonna find a product on the market. That's efficacious CBD oil. Yeah. Well, you know, we we go through all the things we actually just became the first hip drafts DVD company in the country to be certified by the US hemp authority, which is an organization I helped organize, but as a third party auditing group come in, and it has very strenuous checks and balances even more so than most dietary supplements, we were the first one we pass with one hundred percent and beyond that, we're the only company that's gone through self affirmation of grass GRE s generally. Recognizes safe, and and that was a very expensive very research heavy project with customers, and and doctors and experts that then had to publish that. And I think that's where kind of separation happens with us. But to your point there's a lot of people that dollar signs, and they're coming in and they're buying, you know, crap or they're buying Islip mixing it with crab. They're making it in their barn. There's a it's it's it's a crazy world out there.

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