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About Mexicans and so yes, support Mexico, go to Mexico City. I I loved it so much and the girls I went with were so incredible. I with Merrill, who I talk about all the time, obviously and another girl named Tori who I knew before. But we got pretty close over the trip. So everything was just so important, and we stayed in Airbnb in a neighborhood called Roma. Sir. And I'll put all this on my Instagram as well too. And I'm gonna do a little story if like the highlights and things to do because I I saw a lot of people commenting on my post that they wanted to go and things like that. So and we met a lot of guys. There was tons of Americans are also when we went over Christmas nears is like that's holiday family time for the people of Mexico. They're like traveling or there with their families. So really it was mostly Americans that were there and like we met so many guys like guys from London LA, San Francisco, New York City, guys her New York City actually talked to us. What a surprise if you are a woman, then you live in your city you start to feel like a pariah us are to be like, oh, why don't like? But we have we met all these guys. Cool talk to you. And your guys will not talk and

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