Broncos coach Vance Joseph on Chris Harris' injuries


Banged up. Chris junior split reported with a broken fibula any any update on him. And and also, Derek Wolfe and Josie Joel Christmas break in his lower leg. So we'll see about him moving forward on Monday. And Tuesday, we value with him wolf. He's got a little bit of a rib rip issue. He should be okay along with rest, but obvious losing Chris for a game or even two games is Hughes for defense. But hey, you know, we have to bounce back next man up and we have to move on. Listen, you guys have won three straight. And again, you've talked about winning one game at a time. You've got five games left. The next one is is San Francisco. I would guess you've got to really liked the mindset of your team right now. I do I do, you know, our our team heaven flinched in about a month. Okay. So whatever happens on the field. No one we lost three starter. Today on defense. We've got five I'll total no one's flinching is a guy winning and played at a high level sort of sewer Craven's Justin Simmons plate nickel for today's flinched the coaching staff didn't flinch, and that's been the way we played David last month and a half. Yeah. Congratulations. Thank you very much. That's head. Coach Vance Joseph brought to us by Ameristar

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