Mr. President, Are You A Russian Asset?


Past few hours. Donald Trump has responded to two reports containing explosive accusations against him. We should point out. The president tweeted this quote, while just learned in the failing New York Times the corrupt former leaders of the FBI opened up an investigation on me this one from the Washington Post. It says there are no detailed records from any of the five meetings. Mr. Trump had with Russian president, flat the notion that President Trump is a threat to American national security is absolutely ludicrous. Devotion. Russia. I've been tougher on Russia than anybody else. Any other probably any the president period. Gonna ask you are you now or have you ever worked for Russia? Mr President, Mr president are you of Russian asset. I'm Arlene binding, John Louis, and this is revolution. We talked a lot about a lot of the mazing things on this podcast, John. But I think we have to market in our calendar that here we go. We just heard those words asked of the president of the United States of America asked on Fox News didn't really get an answer. But in a lot of people's minds, if we just kind of step back here and say, this is where we are the president of the United States was the subject of a counter intelligence investigation wondering if he was acting in the best interests of Russia crazy town in the. The best interests of Russia against the United States as part of what that story claims, and whether he was witting or unwittingly doing so and that investigation was launched and then it was folded into the Muller investigation. And we all obviously await for whatever we're gonna learn about that. But you're right. We've never had a situation like this where a question has been raised about the loyalty of a president of the United States towards his own country. And whether or not our chief adversary has their, you know, hands around his throat in some way, and that has been lurking in this issue for two years, but it's really coming to four. Now, it really really is. And it kinda changes things, and that's one of the areas we want to focus on today on whether or not this change is what we know about the investigation and the president of the United States in his ties to Russia, and we're gonna put it in context. Of course, you know, you and I thought we were going to be talking about. The other bombshell that Manafort now, we understand that Muller has information solid evidence that Manafort gave holing data to a Russian with intelligence Russian intelligence ties. So that that's huge was the head of the campaign. Now, we've got this. And then on the heels of this story Washington Post follows up with all the blank information. There is in a very strange way about every time. This president has met with Vladimir Putin. He's gone out of his way to get rid of any trail of evidence of what they discussed. It's an amazing H. One of these by itself is an amazing story the giving the polling data to former G or you agent who may still be working with Russian intelligence that by itself as you say would have been the story. Of the week this counter-intelligence ones bigger. But it now makes the Manafort thing make more sense, if the Trump peration is somehow tied in with Russia both in the campaign, and as an administration all these outreaches back and forth. For instance, Jared Kushner, asking the Russian ambassador if Jared could use the Russian embassy communication system to talk directly to Moscow will that that's a huge story it now fits in changing the platform at the Republican convention that could all fit a pattern of a cooperation between Trump and the Russians that we've never had before in American history. And now, we know where this Muller investigation is focusing on. Because clearly that folded in this other investigation about whether or not he was working as an asset or for rush. Sha against American interests. And that's clearly part of the Muller investigation. He's going to have to answer that question, isn't it? I mean, all the debates and that we've had or seen a lot of them are focused on whether Muller's going to find the so-called word collusion conspiracy, all those things. And now we know that that he has to answer that Christian really as we called this podcast is the president and asset of Russia is either. Yes, or no. And that's got to be part

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