Dow falls more than 200 points as global growth worries resurface


To the end of its road. A General Motors executive tells Reuters the strategy to make a luxury Cadillac name GM's lead electric vehicle brand is its last chance to make the unit of success. And while Volkswagen is ready to put eight hundred million dollars into plans to build a new electric VW at its Tennessee plant. The company is not ready to go all in with its relationship with Ford VW is supposed to announce it expanded relationship, but the company's CEO says it hasn't decided yet whether to. Work with Ford on self driving cars with money. News from Bloomberg on KYW. I'm Joan Doniger details. Come to light in the abduction and murder case of thirteen year old Jamie Kloss, Wisconsin that's ahead in just three minutes. When it comes to your identity and the personal information on your devices. There's no soundtrack to let you know.

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