The Bachelor Contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes Opens Up About Sexual Assault on Emotional Date


One in six American women have either been in a situation where rape was attempted or they were actually raped. And so typically speaking you would say that there's been plenty of bachelor contestants who have gone through this before. But Kaelin is the first one to come forward and tell the bachelor her story about this and in this metoo movement. I think it was very brave and powerful of her to be that open to talk about that on this date. Sexual assault has obviously been it will be a defining topic. Kind of been our generation, and it's one that had to happen. Right. So earlier couple episodes ago, we had actually Spivey on who discussed this topic with us see statistically speaking. She was one of those girls, but you never brought it up on the show. Never did. And so it seems like a topic that more and more people are open to discuss. Here's here's a little top a little one for you. What we saw with Kaelin is what the metoo movement was started to be a very poignant powerful scenario where we say, no, we're going to put our foot down our stake in the ground and say, this is no longer. Okay. And we're going to talk about it. We're not gonna make taboo anymore to discuss because it's happened to so many women in the beauty of what Kaelin did is like you said like it or not. She has a platform now. Right. She's on the show, and she took this opportunity. Just like it sounds like from from our research she's done in the pageant world as well. And she said, I'm gonna take this platform, and I'm gonna make it something a lot bigger myself. And I'm going to be the voice for women out there. I'm going to lay everything down for the sake of topic that needs to be discussed. I want to move in then because Kaelin obviously a great job being vulnerable. She's relatable to many. But I want to walk into a topic. Ashley that I wonder if you felt it the idea of Shane Kaelin discusses with Colton debt. After this whole thing goes down something very traumatic something that was beyond her control that she was not at fault for whatsoever. Not not not one ounce at fault for she still carried a level of shame and shame very very difficult emotion to kind of overcome, and it's it's fairly detrimental. To our motion wellbeing. So actually, I don't know if you felt shame. But what was your idea thoughts as Kaelin mentioned her thoughts on Shane?

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