Meeker invests in Plaid, Delta tightens animal rules, Salesforce keeps growing


You're listening to the spoken edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. Beaker invest in clad. Delta titans animal rules Salesforce, keeps growing by chronicle staff and new services from business a plaid farewell famed venture investor. Mary meeker has made her final deal on behalf of Kleiner Perkins. Two hundred fifty million dollars to plaid which reportedly puts the value of the San Francisco company at two point six five billion dollars. Plaid makes developer tools that help power financial apps and services, including VIN mo- coin base and acorns grow meeker cut ties with Menlo park's Kleiner Perkins in September. And we'll begin raising funds next year for a new firm. She will become a member of Plaid's board and keep her board seats at lending club square and docu sign. Delta titans animal rules, if you're planning a flight longer than eight hours. Delta Airlines says you can't bring an emotional support animal with you as. Of December eighteenth, neither support animals nor service animals will be allowed on any delta flights. If they are under four months old, the airline says exceptions will be made until February first for customers who already bought a ticket and asked to bring support animal airlines are tightening rules on animals saying some have bitten other animals and in one case a delta passenger number of the day fifty billion dollars. That's how much market value Salesforce tower. Right has added since the start of twenty seventeen and its stock has roughly doubled it rose. Almost two point five percent Wednesday to one hundred forty dollars nine cents despite rising competition. Analysts still recommend buying shares.

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