CBS board says Moonves won't receive $120 million severance


CBS corporation warned. It was setting aside his one hundred twenty million dollars severance while the allegations were investigated. Now CBS says moon vez will not get the money. The board has concluded moon. Vez was terminated with cause and that he failed to fully cooperate with the investigation. The board added that the investigation conducted by two outside legal firms. Also concluded that harassment. Retaliation are not pervasive at CBS it just over a year moon vez, sixty minutes. Top executive, Jeff Fager and news anchor. Charlie rose all lost their jobs over misconduct allegations, unlikely moon versus just going to shrug and say, oh, well, he continues to deny the allegations. And his lawyers say the board's conclusions are baseless and without merit. Although it's not clear yet. If you're going to take this to arbitration wins news time nine eighteen if was last Thursday that about half a million dollars cash fill out the back of a bring struck on route three in New Jersey. Some drivers helpfully stopped to grab the cash before it blew away. But it seems not all the money's been returned. By these good Samaritans,

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