Alfonso Ribeiro sues Fortnite over alleged use of 'Carlton dance'


Misappropriated. Okay. Anybody else? Yes. Mclovin. The Katiu backpack. Kid on the guy who started the seeing on Saturday Night Live with Katy Perry. He's suing them to okay. Can you guys fix fix the microphone over there? Mclovin has come through loudly. Let me see Katy Perry. The song swish swish. Is that involved in this too? Mclovin. I think that's the same thing. Okay. Yeah. The backpack kid is from Katy Perry. So, you know, the faucet everyone did it started. Because this guy was associated Katy Perry. Now, he's showing to show any famous dance. Well, I understand if they're doing the Carlton and not playing paying Alphonso Ribero can you own a dance and dance. But it's called the Carlton, and that was his character from fresh print. What does he trademarked? Well, we're gonna

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