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You weather forecast. Tonight, mostly cloudy, low around twenty four Tuesday, mostly sunny, high thirty eight Tuesday night, mostly clear, low twenty seven right now. Thirty six degrees. From the townhall dot com newsroom after being vacant for nearly forty years. The historic metropolitan building is set to reopen this week the thirty two million dollar redevelopment project kicked off last summer and the building will now be home to Michigan's first element hotel. The property will also feature a rooftop bar and restaurant as well as ground floor retail and dining which will open early next year the building closed at stores in nineteen seventy nine after downtown Detroit fell on hard times and has had beckoned bake it ever since gas prices in metro-detroit at around the state or again, falling AAA Michigan says the average price statewide for regular unleaded is down eight cents a gallon to start the week at two dollars twenty six cents. Metro Detroit's averages a penny higher than the state average down about a nickel a gallon. I'm Kevin Sanderson on the patriot FM one zero one point five and AM fourteen hundred. Now live from the patriot Detroit radio complex. This is the John McCullough show. The middle of the USC campus. They wore t shirts and carried signs to show support for a man Jim.

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