Greece to Ratify Macedonia's NATO Membership This Week


Nato Member States are due to sign an agreement in a few hours time to make Macedonia the thirtieth member of the military lines. The former Yugoslav Republic will eventually enter under its new name north Macedonia. Ratification of the accession agreement by grace will be the final step of the name change process. Any dispute this lasted almost three decades. He's a Balkans. Correspondent kind looney. It's not quite the final hurdle. But the long journey to becoming north Macedonia has definitely entered the home straight a NATO. Membership is the first significant prize Macedonia would have reached this pointed decade ago, but Greece blocked its membership because of the dispute over the name of its northern neighbour. Now Grace's set to become the first country to ratify the accession protocol that's likely to happen this week. Then Macedonia will inform the United Nations and other institutions about its new name NATO's secretary, general Jens Stoltenberg. Berg has paid tribute to the two countries leaders Zoran XIV in Skopje and Alexis tsipras in Athens. I would like to commend the leadership under courage of from his plus, but also promised they have made this possible because they have shown leadership, which is really impressive. Even before ratification is complete Macedonia will be able to attend NATO events starting with a ministerial meeting

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