Just When You Thought Virginia Politics Could Not Get Worse...


Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder. And shadier in the Commonwealth of Virginia it does. And it did. Now, the Lieutenant governor of Virginia is facing sex assault charges. Not not not being brought, but allegations of sexual assault having been perpetrated on a young woman who was was somebody who was sort of connected in with with democratic politics democrat party politics. And there's a lot of question now about the pathway forward here. Fresh off of what we've seen happen over in the Virginia governor's drama the governor itself. We saw the racist insensitive. Awful photograph of somebody in black bass and a Klan robe in this guys. In. This guy's medical school yearbook. Coming on the heels of his call to do partial birth abortions post, birth abortions. Additionally, we find out that the source for a lot of what we saw come out with regarding north picture was ready for this. You're ready and goes a medical school student who was with him in medical school who was aware of the yearbook and decided to release it because they were so offended by the position he staked out with Kathy TRAN. That he would be okay with post birth abortions, essentially, and that's where the punishment. Started out with north them. Then we saw the pictures. We heard him say that was me, then we heard him say, no, I only maybe showed up in black face a little bit once and that was in San Antonio at a dance contest. When I was trying to be Michael Jackson. I can even moonwalk if you wanna see me in his wife made him stop. This guy's not resigning. And I don't think he's going to resign Virginia's one you cannot serve more than one consecutive. In other words, you can be the governor more than once, but you have to sit it out for a series of years. So you can run for one four year term. Then you must sit it out then you may run again for one for your tub. So it's basically a one term thing he gets elected in two thousand seventeen he's not due to come up again until two thousand twenty twenty twenty one and he'll he's damaged as he's as damaged as you can be right now, I don't know that he's going to get made better. If he quits in his mind, I think that's what he's saying. I'm not going to be forgiven. I'm going to be pilloried. If I leave I'm going to be a punchline, I'm going to be the butt of jokes. So I'm going to ride it out and stay in as governor that says mentality. That's what he's saying. Now, the Virginia Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax issued a statement early today denying a sexual assault allegation that appeared on the same conservative website that posted a racist. Photogr? Graf from north medical school yearbook. Lieutenant governor Fairfax has an outstanding and well earned reputation for treating people with respect and dignity. Read the statement from his chief of staff Yati Yati Yati, we come to find out though that a woman approached the Washington Post after Fairfax won election in November twenty seventeen and before he was inaugurated in January twenty eighteen saying she felt like she had an obligation to speak out the woman and Fairfax I met in Boston at the two thousand four democratic national convention. You'll remember that was the very famous convention that Barack Hussein Obama had his coming out speech when he came out to the country and people said, oh, this is going to be a great guy. No run America's throat. Oh, bloomberg. There are only United States of America during conversation. The to realize they had a mutual friend. It was that commonality she require she recalled that put her at ease enough on that afternoon that Fairfax asked her to walk with him to his hotel room to pick up some papers. She thought nothing of joining a big big mistake, according to this woman's testimony, Fairfax and the woman told different stories of what happened in the hotel room. And no one was present the Washington Post could not find anyone who could corroborate. Either version the post did not find significant red flags and inconsistencies in the allegations. Essentially the woman describes a sexual encounter that began with consensual kissing and ended essentially with a forced oral copulation act. I know we've got kids driving around with our parents. So we want to keep that is above board as possible. She said that's what he did to her that was the assault. And that is a problem obviously post reached out to the woman again on Monday. She's now hired a lawyer. You think it's going to be? Gloria. Or is it gonna be have an ATI Gloria, Gloria, Gloria? Later on Monday. Fairfax spoke to reporters at the state capitol in Richmond. And again said the encounter was consensual. Now. I don't know what the order of succession is in the state politics. Like, I don't know if it goes to the speaker of the house, I don't know if the speaker that house is a Republican. But here's the thing. There's no way north is going to give up that seat. And then have that seat go to Fairfax? Who's going to end up giving it up, and maybe ends up in the hands of the of the Republicans. These are political animals writ large, ladies and gentlemen. So here's the question for you to consider this hour number one. Have we learned nothing if we have not learned from crazy maisy, Geraldo and company that you always believe the accuser number two should north resign. Number three. Should Fairfax resign? Number four. Do you care about this story seriously? Is the original underlying offense? The offense of calling for infanticide. Is that the original sin here that has to be dealt

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