Is it possible for the Rockets to beat the Warriors?

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Want to buy. Aids. Is it possible? The rockets could get it together by the Western Conference fund where they're better than they were last year. Is that possible? I don't think so it's not possible. I don't think so I think that's poss- adult at the sixty five wins as good as they looked last year. I don't think it's possible for most teams to be better than they look lashes out. But what I mean is actually better like the the warriors one seventy three games. Yeah. And then they got better because they added the rent their regular season record wasn't as good. But in the moment of truth, they were clearly the best team. And of course, they should be big favorites. Again, the way they've been looking recently. And the talent we know they have my point is if you believe it's possible for the rockets to actually in the moment of truth now that they have the experience of last year be better than they were last year. They only need to be that much better by the snow. You don't think the lawyers? Got you go, Molly, I'm trying to make. It's just interesting doing down that ladder. They had no man that tell C P three got hurt. I just. Very very very clear. My reservations for Oakland have already been made. There is no there's no issue. Here is your I will be in Oakland at oracle ju- where where are you going to be on the east coast with us? I'm hoping I'm hoping today Milwaukee. But only for you know, I may wanna socialite that's all your team because a lot of drama goes another day in more support coming out for Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown. This time for fellow wideout juju Smith Schuster crazy stuff about AB. You gotta fill in a law firm. If you come back, you guys welcome. And they man he may he's guy. Yeah. Well, I wonder what his teammates feel about this tweet from AB who usually says businesses Bowman and right now, Stephen he's open for business. It'd be over for whatever you want still is Abbas right to say other so exc- he could be open to whatever he wants. I don't give a damn about Antonio Brown's feelings right now I wanted to stay with this. These that great. And really, by the way, I'm not telling you anything. I haven't told him. Yeah. If a damn by his feelings, I want him on a steel course. I don't want to Steelers to trade this, man. He's great. He's too. Great figuring it out. I'll give it there. You gotta give them a massage pedicure. You gotta take them. You gotta have sports therapy sessions with you gotta go play with his cage got treated to dinner for the next day. What you gotta do. Now. I will say this. I want him to apologize to Mike Tomlin to for pudding that coach in that position. But particularly considering the paucity of African American coaches, so only two and NFL it'd be three by the time. New England wins the Super Bowl, I guess unless they lose the bottom line is is that I don't like the position. He put my Tomlin. And that's about it outside of that. He doesn't want get Tomlin put him. That's fair. That's fair. Let's get over it and figure that I or Rooney is saying I don't see how you can be on the team next year. Yeah. And all the press all the chirping out of the Steelers negative towards the future with Antonio round. Like, we don't we don't see it, basically. Now, all of the sudden juju Smith Schuster, though, watching his body language and his and hey, Derek Carr. Yeah. I'm I'm inferring. What I see? That's true. I didn't seem to me like it was in juju Smith, Schuster heart. But you can't know another Mantar all you can do is inferred from what you see. Didn't I don't know? If he if those words that are coming out of his mouth reflect the way, he's feeling, but I'll let me read between the lines a little bit. It seems to me Stephen A that at the point that they were saying all that stuff. They were probably thinking we are going to try to trade him. And probably I imagine started to kick the tires on some trade ideas like one could they get back for him. And I think what I read this. As is. Maybe what's happening here is they're not liking what they're hearing in terms of the return on moving Antonio Brown. And that they're better off with him. That's my sense. If they don't if that is true, then the Steelers would have everything to do with that. Because how do you want to trade such as surreal asset and command top dollar a top cash eighth for him? When in fact, you've served a role in excoriating, correct? So what you do don't they say this is what happened with Kyrie? Right. When the whole world. Knows he's outta there. Or you're gonna get the best offer. The worst offer at the worst offer you have to make people believe that he's going to stay whether that's because you don't get the offer you want. It's going to snake or to make people believe it. So they come with a better offer before we move onto LeBron. I just have to say this quick. I don't think I ever gave you props on this. When lady on bell was sitting going to sit out. And I was like there's no way he sits out. You're like, no he's probably going to sit out and he sat out the entire season. I think you're the only person that actually believed that he would do that. When we think he could do if you wanted the gold at the end of the grandma never would his type talent on that team. But happened LeBron James on this is fifteen straight game with the Lakers take on the Timberwolves tonight. But he hasn't been ruled out for Sunday's matchup with the sons, according to coach Luke Walton when he was injured on Christmas day the Lakers weren't fourth place in the west since they injury, Los Angeles five and nine they've dropped to ninth plates in the west, Stephen A. How bad is what bronze injury for the Lakers of worry. I was told not to be worry if LeBron James Levy reading. Needed to he could go out the plate, and he would be ready, but I find this to be the most significant injury of his career I'm incredibly concerned because I want the Lakers to get a big time free agent. I want them to make some noise in the summertime, and I think that obviously when you took thirty four years of age, they are going to be people who are going to question your ability, even the great LeBron James almost never hurt. So the fact that he's outright. Now, you have to wonder whether or not a potential free agent is going to look at that. And question how much time does he have left at this level? That's when I'm not saying there's any legitimacy to that. I'm simply saying that that's a reasonable cause for concern. And so the bright lights LA Tinseltown palm tree. So the California weather notwithstanding. You'd never know what some marquee free agent is going to look at when it comes to Magic Johnson. Lincoln picking up the phone to call them and say come on L A what I man the Bron. When in fact, they're wondering about LeBron. More. I look at this more. I think Jerry's going to be a Laker. Yeah. Because I started to run down the scenarios if it's not a Y, and it doesn't look like it'll be why I wouldn't put anything past magic he landed. Lebron after all if it's not going to be K D or someone like that if Kemba Walker in fact wants to stay where he is. And they work that out if Mike Conley is not the answer in a trade. And if the Celtics don't wanna give Kyrie a supermax like why would we want to stay in Boston, not only that they're extremely talented coach the whole thing, but he'd get a supermax deal. Then I think kyri and LeBron could come around in their own minds to seeing a reconciliation as hey, what if Kobe and shack worked it out what if they parted ways? But then they said, you know, what we messed this up. Let's work this out and that eventually the Lakers would be Kyrie's team that's got to be very appealing. We know kyri has relationship with Kobe. And could you imagine if the Lakers didn't have to give up any assets at this trade deadline, if they kept Ingram and Kuzina and. An and heart and all these guys and simply added KYW read or run Bill that happens where are they in the west for ten Kyrie's there right now with LeBron and LeBron's healthy. And assuming Ingraham continues to improve and mom gets a little better share, maybe one more acquisition the right acquisition. Lakers can win the chip next year. If kyri is there, you do not need Lonzo ball. They're correct. And that means you might get something for Lonzo. Then you might not need Brandon Ingram either. Say that happening playing with LeBron listen, I'm told that is far fetched kyri is happy and Boston. He has no intentions of leaving. But Kenny had ever go around not shutting. I don't have to pretend I'm not sharing anything anything's together. Anything is they get back together for now. Sure about that. Thanks. Mitch listening to the podcast gets. I take weekdays ten AM eastern ESPN.

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