14,000 Year Old Bread


For a long time. The story went that bread making arose. With the advent of agriculture during the Neolithic era possibly around nine thousand five hundred years ago in Anatolia Turkey bazaars moon for some time that the equipment for making bread like grinding stones for pulverizing grain had existed for thousands of years prior in two thousand eighteen when scientists discovered evidence of bread making in the black desert of northeast, Jordan dated back fourteen thousand four hundred years, they updated the story archaeological excavations at the site. Coach shoe Baker one show that the not few and people from the time yours ninety five different types of plants in their fireplace. Cooking and the two years gathered these ingredients from the surrounding area painstaking analysis using a scanning electron microscope shows that the Jordanian Brad included, high quality flowers from wild cereals like barley, I'm Cornyn oats being cooked over over. Fire the bread probably resembled a multi grain crackers symbol to Matza bread in the Jewish feast of Passover, the uncovered remains don't contain yeast is uncertain whether these cooks had access to it when the two of you also put tubers from water plants called club rushes into their brains. We typically think that hunter gatherers diets focused on meat and seafood, the discoveries in the black desert confirmed that plant based diets are very old and important to human development, Birkt foods of a higher glycemic index and raw food, and this discovery shows the hunter gatherers innovated on ways to increase the calorie count in their foods through baking, the ripped more energy from their diets and may have helped drive the agriculture revolution. This moment of science comes from Indiana University. We're on the web at a moment of science dot org. I'm Yale Cassandra Daren Ganga.

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