Podcast advertises on London's tube, and Post Reports debuts



From the newsroom of the Washington Post. The first edition of post reports the Washington Post's new daily podcast was published yesterday afternoon. Chargeable report, it's number seventeen in the US chart. This is post reports I'm Martine powers. Radio's second off podcast football ramble is being advertised across thirteen subway stations in London visible yesterday and today, and we'll be again on December. The seventh in stations like Oxford circus, and Waterloo, FOX nests spreaker has partnered with Diese to increase the amount of podcast available on diesels platform, especially in Latin America about region has a population of six hundred forty seven million people, and it's experiencing rapid growth in streaming services. When I left the Senate, I said, I was giving up my seat. But not my voice, that's foam. A US Senator Al Franken who's released a podcast world. Just an audio file on soundcloud really seen by time magazine as a tentative return to the public eye since his resignation last year, the AP has released their two thousand nine hundred nine digital audio buyer's guide an excellent resource they say for marketers looking to invest in digital audio scripts has formerly concluded the purchase of TRITON digital a podcast. Festival has been announced in Brighton in the UK wave which bills itself as the UK's first podcast festival in the southeast. Features hit podcast like no such thing as a fish, and Richard herrings LeicesteR square theatre podcast would point out that the annual London podcast festival in the south east of England was held for the third time earlier this year, they'll soon be new podcast studios in Sheffield in the UK with space for up to four podcasters using state of the art broadcasting equipment rebel base studios will open early next year. And he's kind of a big deal. Kind of a big deal. Ron burgundy is coming to podcasting.

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