Oil curbs gains amid trade, output cut uncertainty


Sell off in all of the indices. We check these numbers every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg radio, the S and P five hundred is now down two point four percent down sixty six. The Dow's down two point three percent down near six hundred. The NASDAQ is down two point eight percent down two hundred twelve the ten year is up sixteen thirty seconds with a yield. It's down two percent now to two point nine. One percent. West Texas intermediate crude is edged back into the green up three tenths of a percent at fifty three eleven a barrel. Comex gold's up three tenths of a percent. At twelve forty three ten per ounce. The dollar yen's at one twelve eighty two the euro at a dollar thirteen twenty six and the movement and the British pound it's now Dow down four tenths of a percent at a dollar twenty six sixty eight again, the Dow off its earlier lows is now down five hundred seventy two points down two and a quarter percent. That's a Bloomberg business flash politics policy, power and law continues. All right. Thank you, Greg. You know, congress is prepared to pass a two week stopgap spending Bill this week. They wanna keep the federal government funded through December twenty first what this does is allows them to put this whole budget debate on hold. So they can take the time to pay their respects to the late president, George H W Bush former US Senator from New York Al D'Amato joining us now is he does each week in our Bloomberg eleven three oh studios in New York. And Senator while I absolutely want to get your thoughts about the former president the late President Bush in just a moment. Let's launch into what these lawmakers are. Doing taking the step to keep the government functioning just an extra couple of weeks. But it expires on December twenty first that seems like they risk a shutdown before Christmas. Give me your insight high with hope that the testimonials given to former President George Bush, what sheriff kind of as an inspiration and get both sides to put the Animesh that exist today in the political rhetoric, which is so horrific put it aside and try to emulate the kind of things that he is known for bringing people together, we should not be closing down the government. It would be a tragedy. And I would hope that the president would she's a wisdom of acting more Bush like more compromising. Yes, she wanna chic certain. Things but building the wall. Is not the end all and Beal getting some of reform or the promise of reform on immigration is important. But nothing show important that you would shut down the government create all kinds of chaos, and then the finger pointing continues, and it gets worse. The animist to political atmosphere gets worse. So use this as an opportunity you try to come together. There's nothing worthwhile in bringing about a shutdown of government it wrong. So it now depends upon the leadership in the house and the Senate and real presidential leadership. Sir. We've been asking a lot of our guests if they have any personal remembrances of President Bush at this time, if you have any well, let me say he he's so well known for Desert Storm and he demonstrated. What you do you bring your allies? Together, you go in with L overwhelming force. I was there in Kuwait. When. We we took over the capitol. I flew there at that time. And I wanna tell you there's something he's not giving too much recognition. And that was his victory in Panama knocking out Manuel Noriega again going in with a superior force hitting them hard getting rid of a brutal dictator who is creating tremendous disruption in that area. He didn't let them get away with it. And he did that early on in his administration show hats off to a man who knew how to wage war when to do it was not a bully. And so when he said something sent out a message people got it. What I see today is that too much bombastic rhetoric, and when you should follow through. There is no follow-through talk with China. And yet they're pouring in Fenton. Al killing our kids, creating helping to exacerbate this is opiate. Epidemic. Mr President wake up. That's what you wanna to say you stop it now because the government of China controls that so they're pouring poison into our country. That that's when you get tough and let it be known. You do it behind the scenes, but you tell them we're not gonna tolerate this. And then I hear about this blockade of that the Iranians are are threatening. They should be called once and for all you tried it closed at peninsula cut off oil to the world, and they will be Chevere consequences, but get on go out in a bombastic way, you'd let it be known behind the scenes, and you make sure your secretary of defense gives them that message because world leaders know that if matters says we're gonna come in you better stop this nonsense. They'll listen, you know, it's very interesting. We only have about twenty seconds. But politics, aside, you were talking about how the late President George Bush was able to wage war and a quote proper way. Although everyone is describing him as a gentle soul who practice civility and. How those two philosophies can actually live in the same person you've just analyzed it. They can. Exist and are much more powerful than just being rhetoric Mombassa because people don't know you the people you want to convince if he is he bluffing. What not that? That's not good. They should know when you really mean business, and you do it most of it behind the scenes US Senator Al D'Amato of New York, we have to leave it there. Thank you so much. We get the latest world and national

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