Margot Robbie discusses holidays with Ellen and Obama, animal rescue, and her latest movie

Ellen on the Go


On this this this really exclusive island, that's this private island, very few people on it and honeymoon. They are on their honeymoon. And and portion I r- there, and we were in Barack Obama happened to be there. He was writing his book. So portion I had been working out with Barack in the gym every single day, and and they came in and he was wearing the shortest beggested one thing to wear short shorts, but short end baggy, and and nothing underneath. Well, it I didn't look, but. But they came into yoga, and he said, and she's like you wearing that. And he goes who's going to be here? Yeah. We didn't know you how fancy this island was going to be. It was quite a shock to walk in and say, you or shy and then. Yeah. And so anyway, so we just never stopped making fun of him for because he was he was trying to do yoga, and literally he's in positions like this. And and the short term like an he's flying hold his hand like that. And you go to Jim talent put it that. It was in Barack like stepping over him to like do things because it was a really small gym. It was really just us in there. It was funny, and he was so upset off teeth three shorts out and they thought it was low injury. And so they wash the in return them to yoga. I was like, I know who's shorts. They're not mine. I know who they belong to. And so he's he must be mortified absolutely to this day and too. And I'm glad I reminded him of it. Yeah. I'm glad we talked about it on national television. Once again for those are the people that twice. Well, that's what he gets. He deserves it. I saw picture of a cute dog in the in the packet that it looks like you did you rescue the song? Yes. I wasn't aware that we will rescuing. I know she's so cute her name names bell. And she's a pit mix. We don't know what the mix pot is. But she's growing at an alarming rate. So I'm guessing mixes something big. She's huge like she's just getting bigger, and we have a dog already who's almost two three Radley. And he's also he's rescue as well. Good. Good name Radley throughout. All right. Let's talk about this movie. What what departure from Tanya to the Queen and this makeup. How early did you have to get up to put that on took? I think we got down to three to four hours in the makeup chair. So it was a three forty five AM cool everyday. It's not good. I'm not a morning person. And but after like four hours in the channel, I'm awaking four hours in the chair. But that's a pantley how long it took Elizabeth's to get ready. So kind of what for the character and she wore that makeup because she had chicken pox right to cinema pucks. Smallpox? I think I don't know what it is. I I was raised Christian Science. What is that? What is the difference? I don't know. I will smoke. Fox's a pretty severe, and it left a lotta people permanently Scott so alva- in this in this depiction of Elizabeth we. Really dove into the smallpox, and then play up the fact that it left apparently Scott him. That's why she kept packing on the the white makeup that had awesome and lovely things in it. Wow. Yeah. And did you love playing that was that? I mean that seems like a huge commitment yet. No, I loved it. It was it was just something totally different and Janney circle. Who's the makeup in head design on really I have worked with her before. And I know it work, and I was like I trust you have you want to do because you like wearing a lot of make. I mean, you like the whole idea of special effects and all that right love special effects makeup.

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