After The Atlantic expos, will Bryan Singer continue to work in Hollywood?


KCRW sponsors include southwestern law, schools, Biedermann, entertainment and media law institute study, entertainment and get a law degree in two three or four years apply or take the virtual tour S W law dot EDU slash KCRW. I'm Kim masters, and this is the Hollywood breakdown joining me as Matt Bellamy of the Hollywood reporter, and Matt Hollywood is talking about the Atlantic's expose on Bryan singer. And we have covered Bryan singer, many people have taken a swing at trying to write the definitive expose on Bryan singer. It took these reporters a year to write this article. But finally, they have an on the record source and some who are not on the record who are alleging that Bryan singer raped them when they were underage, and it the question now is what if anything will happen, right because this expose has dropped not only in the middle of an Oscar race where a film that is still credit. Wanted to Brian singer as the director bohemian rhapsody, even though he was fired off the project is now in the mix for best picture and best actor among others at the Oscars and Bryan singer had lined up more work. He was scheduled to direct this red Sonja movie for a substantial pay day for millennium films that we'll see if that ever happens now. Yeah. I mean, the broader question, of course, also goes to the culture of Hollywood because I would argue that the the whispers and more than whispers about Bryan singer were as prevalent in Hollywood as the whispers about Harvey Weinstein. I think it was as much of an open secret probably for just about as long and we've written stories where we've kind of skittered up to the edge of this kind of allegation, but it has been very very difficult and again credit to these reporters to get anybody to go on the record even two or even to talk in detail and offer credible allegations off the records because that is when you offer aid because when you off. For details that identifies you, and I I know from doing these stories people, even when they are told they can speak without their names being used are afraid of identifying details and afraid of retaliation. We should say that Bryan singer has denied these allegations. And he has called them, homophobic. You know, the the Bryan singer case was always interesting because so much of the claims centered around this company called den D E N that was a kind of early first internet, boom company and the CEO of that company was a good friend of Brian singers and later was accused of sexual assault and pled guilty and is now a registered sex offender. But there was a mansion that was associated with that company where all sorts of things were alleged to have gone on. And Bryan singer was a big part of that. And there was a case about four or five years ago where somebody that actually sued Bryan singer and court made pretty scandalous. Allegations against him. And that case ultimately fell apart, and the plaintiff was found to have made up some things. So because that particular case fell apart a lot of people kind of shied away from the Bryan singer story. And ultimately he was found to have some inconsistencies in some of his allegations. They were dismissed, and because of that Bryan singer has always been able to say since then that he was falsely accused and that, you know, people have kind of shied away from him because of the bizarre nature of that initial claim. But no longer I will note that others who are who are also named by that accuser have subsequently been named by others who were on the record. And so Brian singer is not the only one in that circle who has been accused, credibly. I would say, and I will also say that many of these people who are assaulted and victimized are damaged, and it is then easy to discredit them later as this article points out it's reminds me a little bit of. Of you know, Scientology, they always have people come in and say, well, these people were damaged and they're liars. Well, there that's probably why they were insci- Haji when you've been the victim of an assault. Maybe there are behaviors later drug problems emotional problems that make it easy to say, you're not credible. And that is one of the central problems in getting these cases resolved. Thank you, Matt. Thank you. That's not Belony editorial director of the Hollywood. Reporter. He joins me this Monday at two o'clock on the business. I'm Kim masters, and this is the Hollywood breakdown KCRW sponsors include Netflix, presenting the original film Roma now nominated for ten Academy Awards, including best picture. Best director Alphonse oh Koran and best original screenplay Roma. Now playing in theaters everywhere this podcast was made by public radio station. KCRW our status as a nonprofit enables us to make bold and unusual programs. But we need your support to keep it that way donate or become a member at KCRW dot com slash join

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