News in Brief 24 January 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations. Continued reports poured in on Thursday of casualties during demonstrations over Venezuela's ongoing economic and political crisis prompting secretary General Antonio Gutierrez concern and call for a transparent and independent investigation. The country is being engulfed by unrest. As opposition leader Kwon, though declared himself interim president on Wednesday in a bid to force out. Nncholas mother widow mister Gutierrez urged all actors to lower tensions and pursue every effort to prevent violence and avoid any escalation he also stressed that all relevant actors urgently commit to inclusive and credible political dialogue to address the country's per tractive crisis with full respect for the rule of law and human rights education, transforms lives secretary General Antonio Gutierrez said in his message for the first ever international day of education. To be commemorated annually on twenty four January by marking the day you and Member States recognize the importance of working towards inclusive quality education at all levels. So everyone has access to lifelong learning opportunities that allow them to participate in society and contribute to sustainable development. The secretary general spelled out that education is at the heart of the sustainable development goals lauding its power to reduce inequalities improve health, achieve gender equality and protect the planet's resources and yet at least two hundred sixty two million children, adolescents and youth are out of school. Most of them girls calling it a violation of the human rights to education mister Gutierrez said that the world cannot afford a generation without the skills to compete in the twenty first century Konami, nor can we afford to leave behind half of humanity. Meanwhile, the UN office for disaster risk reduction reported. On Thursday that sixty million people were affected by extreme weather in twenty eighteen while earthquakes and soon nominees accounted for the majority of the ten thousand plus lives. Lost in disasters. Last year, extreme weather events accounted for most of the sixty one point seven million people affected by natural hazards. According to an analysis of events recorded by the center for research on the epidemiology of disasters. The secretary general's special Representative Mamie Mizzou, Tori, underscored that. No part of the globe was spared from the impact of extreme weather events last year. Underlining that if we want to reduce disaster losses than we must improve. How we manage disaster. Risk time is running out for limiting global warming to one point five degrees centigrade or two degrees centigrade. She stressed highlighting the need to be active about climate change at uptaken by reducing disaster risk in cities better using land to avoid. New risks safeguarding protective ecosystems and taking active measures to reduce exposure to rising sea levels. Liska Fiji UN news.

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