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The Economist launches a daily podcast, and Spotify tests an import function



Hollow podcast land. It's David Tennant here. Surprisingly, I find myself doing podcast. Yes. David tennant. Does a podcast with dot dot dot is a new interview podcast from the British actor with impressive access to big named guests the press release promises. Current doctor who Jodie Whittaker is a future guest. Poppy. In a podcast host has unveiled audio recording and editing features in its app. It offers background music too. And other enhancements it's available for both IRS and Android. How can you get funding to do your podcast, judaica, Lanta Williams, spoke at the work it conference about how to find grants to support your work and how to apply for them ominous studio, the enterprise podcast host has partnered with headliner to offer one click access to create best in class podcast audio grams these help share podcasts in social media. Westwood One have appointed Corey Smith as VP digital sales marketing and operation he'll be focusing on. Casting. If you're thinking about doing a Super Bowl podcast. Yeah. You might wanna think halfway about that says a US lawyer at age notes the current fight for podcast dominance by Spotify. And Pandora to interesting things in the article firstly claims that cost box is the number one podcast app. And also says that Spotify has one hundred and seventy thousand podcasts on its platform while the US only Pandora apparently has more than one hundred thousand podcasts which is interesting because Pandora's official blog claimed hundreds of podcasts with over one hundred thousand episodes a month ago. So either they're growing very fast. Somebody's got something a bit wrong in March. We'll be at the rain podcast business summit in New York. Pod. Fast in Orlando and radio days Europe in Lausanne in Switzerland. If you want to register for that you can use the promo code, which you'll find in the show notes and the newsletter and save one hundred and sixty euro on your ticket or. Or as the Swiss call it short taxi fare, so expensive there,

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The Economist launches a daily podcast, and Spotify tests an import function

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