Second woman carrying gene-edited baby, Chinese authorities confirm


A white supremacist has pleaded guilty in New York killing a black man with a sword. And prosecutors described James Jackson's further plans as a hate crime Jackson admitted to stabbing and killing Sixty-six-year-old Timothy common in twenty seventeen after stalking. Several black men in New York City Jackson who is white told police he came from Baltimore to carry out the attack in New York because it's the media capital of the world Jackson also said it was practice for more assault on black people. He faces life in prison when he sentence February thirteenth for his plea to murder. Chinese investigators appear to have confirmed a scientists claim that he helped make the world's first gene, edited babies and that a second pregnancy is underway, and they say he could face consequences. China's official news agency said Monday that investigators determined that scientists hugging Kway evaded supervision of his work and violated research norms because he wanted to be famous the reports said he acted alone, and he will be punished for any violations of the law. Although it didn't say which regulations he may have broken gene quake claimed November that he altered the DNA of twin girls that conception to try to help them resist infection with the aids virus, his work has been widely criticised on ethical because of questions about whether the participants truly understood the risks. It's also considered medically dangerous because of possible harm to other genes. And the DNA changes can be passed to future generations. President Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen is delaying his testimony to congress AP. Correspondent Jennifer king reports. President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen is postponing public testimony to congress. He was scheduled to appear before the house oversight and reform committee on February seventh Coen's advisor. Lanny Davis says Cohen has received threats and that the delay is on the advice of Cohen's lawyers because Coen still cooperating in special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia investigation. Cohen's pleaded guilty to lying to congress about his role in a Trump business proposal in Russia. The oversight committees investigating hush money payments made during the two thousand sixteen campaign to silence woman who claimed to have had affairs with Donald Trump. Jennifer, king Washington. AP radio news. I'm Rita Foley day, thirty four.

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