Everything You Need to Know About Bonking


Case a few cautions here. One would be bonking. And I already alluded to this. Of course, you can't if you're working for a long period of time completely run out of liver glycogen, and muscle glycogen, and very few people, for example, and this crowd. I'm speaking to now are like professional, ironman, triathletes or professional athlete sometimes election front of pro teams and stuff and I have to warn warn guys. Don't overdo this. You're gonna run out of glycogen. But I find in many cases in the general population who is who's well-fed overly active, a drop in blood levels of amino acids, and the subsequent central nervous system. Fatigue that occurs. When that happens is the number one reason that a ball happens. And so if you find yourself super hungry during a workout and you're like, man, I ate carbs last night. I'm not to caloric depleted them in this fast, and workout and I'm super duper lightheaded. In sluggish you may want to look into whether or not that's just trip to fan crossing the blood brain barrier and making you excessively sleepy in which case, you can use amino acids, actually stave that off. So that's one thing that you can do. But then if you're very active. Want to be aware that you're carbohydrate needs and the importance of that carbohydrate refund in the evening, if you're doing a lot of these facet sessions becomes very important

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