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Speaker designate Nancy Pelosi talking. About this idea that border wall funding is a non-starter. I'm wondering how you get from border wall. Funding on the part of the Democrats at least is a non starter a win in two thousand six Nancy Pelosi along with Chuck Schumer and a lot of other democrat luminaries signed into law a measure that called for building a border eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five. And how is it? Now that we are having such a struggle in a Republican controlled Senate and a Republican dominated house at least until after the beginning of the year coming up with the money. The president is requesting or the building of a border wall. Does that make sense to anyone eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five Darrell woods sitting in for John McCullough? And as of recently an hour ago sources at the left leaning CNN saying that the president has. I thought better of the situation at least from his perspective and has decided after earlier this week seemingly indicating that he would not would not a hold up the process of approving a continuing resolution Bill to keep the government funded and running through the Christmas holiday without border funding. Well, that doesn't seem to be the case now holiday government shutdown. It seems to appear as though it may be more likely as the president has now said perhaps after thinking about a lot of what he's heard people saying around the country people who have typically supported him talking about their disappointment in his position, not sticking hard and fast with regard to border funding, a demand baby leave he must see through to the end of the president has decided no I'm not signing the continuing resolution without some kind of border funding. What are we talking about overall twenty-five? A billion dollars to build a border wall constructed on that walls taking place right now construction on that walls ongoing, even as we speak. That's because of Donald Trump, even though the congress of the United States has consented legally and in writing

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