NBC, Muller And James Comey discussed on Glenn Beck


Whitaker and would oversee Muller's investigation. If confirmed reportedly said the Muller inquiry was based on a fatally misconceived theory that would damage the presidency bar reportedly sent the document dated June eight to deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein writing that he thought his views may be useful. The journal says bar was concerned about whether Trump obstructed Justice in requesting then FBI director James Comey to drop an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn and by later firing Comey because bar believed the president had acted within his authority Mike Bauer. NBC News Radio. The legal battle continues over what to do the remains of dozens of former slaves scuppered at a Texas construction side this week Ajaj was asked to give the go-ahead to bury the ninety five bodies. Elsewhere. So work can continue with the and Sugarland family and friends who remembering a twelve year old boy who was shot and killed while on his own porch and Bridgeport Connecticut Tuesday night vigil was held last night with loved one sharing memories at the boy, his father. Carlton Howell is devastated. You don't tell nobody. He don't is a good kid police say twelve year old Clinton how it was in front of his own home on Willis street with others when someone drove by and opened fire. Detectives don't believe how was the intended target. They're trying to determine if there was an ongoing dispute between the shooter and someone else on the porch. No one's in custody. But they say they have developed a strong person of interest sue Guzman NBC, News Radio, New York, and George Soros is the financial times twenty eighteen person of the year, the outlet praise the billionaire financier for the values. He represents calling him the standard bearer of liberal, democracy and open society, the British publication notes. He does this despite being the near daily target of antisemitic attacks and conspiracy theories. Lisa Carter NBC News Radio. Take

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