Facebook says preferential data access was with user permission


To obtain users names and contact information through their friends and Microsoft's Bing was able to see the names of virtually all Facebook users friends without consent. Facebook says in a statement that it's winding down the partnership. It's unclear when that unwind began the Senate overwhelmingly passing bipartisan criminal Justice reform Bill last night, the first step act takes an already passed house prison reform Bill that's been rolling around congress for years and mixes in changes to sentencing laws and provides mandatory minimums for various drug offenses. After working through a series of amendments the Senate passed the measure it now goes back to the house for final approval. It's expected to pass in the president has promised to sign it. They'll Rakoff CBS news Washington. The framework of this Bill was first passed during the Obama administration governor elect Tim walls, naming a former speaker of the Minnesota house as transportation Commissioner, and it's also keeping the budget Commissioner of outgoing governor Mark Dayton mall's appointing. Former house speaker Margaret Anderson Kelleher delete min dotty also announced that the budget Commissioner Myron

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