Harvey Weinstein sex assault case can move forward, judge rules


Of financial markets set off today right now, the Dow is down two hundred eighty three points. CBS news update, I'm Steve Kafer, man. Indicted for murder, this is a shooting that left two people dead in garland. The police say Nathaniel wall raid Wooldridge shot and killed a man trying to get a stolen camera back garland police. Lieutenant Pedro Baranov says Michael love the mosquito made a huge mistake when he saw his camera posted online let the investigating agency know what's going on. So they can make arrangements and ultimately try to avoid situation that the victim will confront a suspect and possibly lead to a deadly situation as we found out happening. He tried to get it back himself. Not only did love die. So the guy says the guy that sold the camera Wooldridge now held without bond Fort Worth police say a man tried to shoplift a dollar tree store and drove his car into the building. NBC five reports workers at the store tried stopping, but he ran out of the store and got into his car and drove it in front then got out of the car and ran off. No one's hurt in Florida nine men bus. Did accused of baiting and torturing black bears. The men are accused of baiting. The bears defendants would lure black bears by placing drums and dog food doughnuts. Attorney general Pam Bondi says their dogs chased the bears up trees bears later fell or were pushed out one of these idiot. Defendants climbed the tree to push the bear off body says the dogs attacked and tortured the bears the suspects later posted videos online, she says at least two bears died, but there may be more deaths. The suspects face a long list of charges and could spend decades in prison. If convicted Peter King CBS news Orlando marijuana in California trying to sell it in Texas, but they got busted. Instead, according to police records officers arrested the five Dallas love field. They found one hundred and twenty nine pounds of pot in their suitcases suspects include four men from Tyler one woman from Dassault. She told investigators the group left from DFW airport December. Ninth flew to San Fran bought the weed then headed back to Dallas December eleventh, that's where they were arrested there now facing felony drug charges. Charlie Hodges, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. You know, it might be time to push away from the desert bar. Government. Says Americans are getting even fatter average waits for women have gone from around one hundred sixty three pounds in two thousand to one hundred seventy wait on men has crept up from one eighty nine to an average one ninety seven women's waistlines have grown as much as two inches to thirty eight men's medals have expanded a notch from an average of thirty nine inches to forty. Deborah rodriguez. CBS news. She got fired from bowl because she wouldn't play ball next. When you need to know, we're the only radio station covering news, North Texas all day, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. Whether

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