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I if you've just joined us, we're talking to Ted founder of vagabond dogs, a very very beautiful and timeless and cool accessories. Brand for doc. You also create some very cool products for humans. What are you working on? Yeah. Actually, I've got some pieces coming up soon. It's a collaboration with my twin sister. She does amazing embroidery on fabric, and we were kind of do insects of that in into the leather. And the next pieces were working on these really kind of luxury on coats. And I think there's three in particular that we're going to do and we're still figuring out if we're going to donate them as maybe to a silent auction or maybe the one of the big fundraisers later in the year. As kind of a prize 'cause they're really really detailed and intricate. So you know to put a price on it with the little too high. So we'd almost rather donate them. Get the attention. For the charity that way, and then we'll get feedback and collaborate that way. But it's basically a collaboration that would tie in me the dog accessories worth like a zipper pouch that humans. The owners would use or the a at that matches the collar that kind of thing. So it's it's Tien with a bit of a bookie Mian, very kind of artisan feel to it. And we've got a few designs that were putting out very shortly. Can't wait to see. I know you had mentioned something to me about maybe working in the future on dog tags is that something that you're doing as well. Yeah, we're going to we're going to do some coats, and then Dr bags after that the reason I put it off because I wanted to I'm still investigating some of these new fabrics and materials that are out there and mainly to give some vegan options vegan, just means plastic or canvas least some really. Really interesting turn it gives out there right now. But the little bit cost prohibitive, three D printed materials been playing around with rubber coatings that are laser etched mushroom. My Cillian weather. That's really at the forefront of vegan weather, it's a bit pricey. But I'm trying to bite out in bulk and see if we can get some some of those going, but those can be the mushroom my Celia. My there's amazing. Has its own. Yeah. It'll be bigwigs probably next year. And it's just it has natural antibiotic properties from the mushrooms it wicks away water like, whoa. It's really a fantastic. Very quickly. It's amazing material. So things like that we're going to be working on for the bad collection. My exciting is a little too. Yeah. If if I were to do a leatherback collection it would be quite expensive. 'cause I incorporate a lot of details. So wanted to get some vegan options, I think with generate a lot of interest. And I'm I'm trying to find some vendors where can bring the price down a little bit. Yeah. Fun stuff for later this year. Let's look forward to. I mean, your played is pretty full. But you've also got an internet TV show in the works. Tell us. Yeah. I'm really excited for it. I describe it as a project runway for dog accessories. It'll be TV series. And I've got a I got a few leather craftsman that I know around the world some of them were conduct sensory some of them don't. But they're so talented, and essentially that I think even if they don't do dog accessories. I think that they would be great for the show. So basically, you would be it's a design contest. I don't I'm still finalizing. Whether we'll have kind of a celebrity panel that will choose more on leaning more towards the internet audience would phone. Who the winner is? And basically each episode would have redesigned they'll have one accessory to design. So the first one will be a collar and one of the craftsman that oh, I definitely want to feature on. My first episode is a guy in South Korea. That's just mind blowing -ly beautiful stuff. He makes minimal. But this craftsmanship. He's very very cool. And then there's a woman in Norway is a few actually female craftsman up in the Scandinavian countries that I'd love to find one that's interested in doing this. And then myself so be the three of us competing to create this really Centric dog collar, and then you know, we'd have a panel of judges or the the internet audience. Choose the winner. And then following episode. Yeah. The winner would move on. And it would be maybe a leash or coat with all new competitors. So I'm working on putting that together. And I'm hoping early next year to have the first episode shot and edited and put online what a great way for people to get turned onto amazing craftsman from around the world, you know, there are so many people who loved fashion, I mean, loves fashion, and they're always looking for new things and not only to get turned onto craftsmen designers. But also new materials cutting edge materials, I think it's really exciting yet. It speaks to a lot of different areas. Yeah. It's the fashion which I'd like all of my endeavors to kind of point towards the adopt don't shop, and and spotlight the advocacy. So you know, the other thing I'm trying to figure out for the web series is maybe the winner. Joanie the collar to a local shelter, or maybe the callers, the three products are auctioned off online, and those those proceeds go towards the the winning craftsman's on charity, if they're you're it'll all spotlight advocacy. So it kinda brings the kind of luxury audience that really loves fashion and dogs and somehow kind of shining all of their attention and resources to to advocacy. So and then it's all worldwide,

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