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It's monday it's podcast. Dave but no money which having a well deserved day off. So you've got mainly mustard sitting in the city and i'm joined by my rising scully's grandma boylan as we look back on the weekend. Just gone and look ahead to the week to come which ends of course with the georgia. Six and quinlan mistakes at ascot on saturday more of that to come motaung well off a star. A nebraskan trained filly in that race in love but a star. A lebron trained fifty was an action at the curragh on saturday. When snowfall completed her oaks double falling up an extremely easy and wide. Marge win at epsom was the similarly easy and wide margin victory. the curragh mark. You were there were you. What did you make for performance. Yeah just a coup there for the day. At my god i wrote. Kara cheated her fair to to turn the temperature up to she was very very goes ultimately. I talked to were periods of the race. Where maybe she wasn't carrying ryan absolute power to them stages but once was ching-kuo daylight appeared for the top of the straight. You have retaken by the way. She's pulled clear at the same time. You have to have reservations about the level of the fallen behind her. But i think it's all about the style rather than the substance of what was in behind and she's pulled really really fire care just y- context. I know snow fairy by then. But this eight and a half cents. It's the biggest winning margin since nineteen or even the irish oaks so for america to have epsom oaks The kazoo walks record broken epsom for sixteen lens and to break an over one hundred yards at the car. You know it just goes to show you Top-drawer fifty first japanese bred to in an irish ask who so as not significant victory and thought it was telling us about roy moore said that she was the best around at the moment said when asked how does he stack up in all the good mares cities that he's written he was a keen to nasha directly highlight or another put address. That was an inch the nine. Yeah absolutely she's a fascinating billy. Because she was consistently beaten lassie's. She was fourteen to one when she reappeared in the music doors. Thanks it would have been impossible to leave setting that she would have even been winning classics holiday anyway. Wooden what the way. She's been winning them absolutely. Yeah very difficult host to weigh out because now only wishy cowan on fourteen to one when she won the music door. I i'm up at york. She'd oversleeping well beaten on several occasions as a two year old and they seemed absolutely convinced that sends a bomber was the superstar phili- in ballydoyle. The start the season not snowfall to in fact to the point where roy moore completely deserted snowfall in the oaks that she won by sixteen names to ride sense barbara so it does make you wonder what senator to barbara was doing home at the start. The season and what snowfall wasn't doing home because she was eleven to two for the oaks behind us but she is just developed into an outstanding affiliate of apparently nowhere and i came to take her own on saturday. Price yeah. I just thought that that wasn't roy. The oaks when she was sixteen those. But you don't see his lie that you when you see was when things like that and you're of my suit of mind you often sit there and go or if it looks too good to be true then it often is too good to be true and you taking her own show price two two seven so you know you wasn't going to lose the money if you if you took her on and lighter which i did but yeah i must admit like mark said about four or five. Yeah always fairly hopeful. Thought ryan was pushing away a little bit strong keeper on the bridal but once she got into clichy absolutely powered home. I still think i am. I mean this might be a bit of a hollow victory. But i still think. Coin in the oxycodone. Epsom foam is entirely to be believed. I mean she gone off once when he three epsom and she didn't come to that mock and winning. The kirsch only runs one team but of course that was still fall fall better than anything else. I just think we're gonna learn a lot more about the as as the as the season goes on. Hopefully she's gonna face improper roses. Instead of all these philly. She keeps beating up and when she faces some purposes. We can get an idea of how good she is but she coast. We'll get in. The phillies allowance off off the mouse as well which will also swing the titles in fiber. She will approve yourself. Absolute tip top class. But i still think she's got to lee well does interested and you talked about the phillies allowance. Grime move towards. What would be the logical autumn target the pre lot trail you'll be getting the phillies allowance and the three year olds allowances world which may be explains why the moment in the betting for the arc. She actually trump's lovable. Speak about later on in the program but you can get between three to one five to one about snowfall next in the betting that has love at five hundred eleven to two. Then there's another a lebron trying host mark specific who could have caused it to ten furlongs or even a mile season when online. You got horses. Like tanaka were wonderful tonight. Aguilar there's next to no french aussies at all prominent in the betting. It's ripe for export this ship. Choice the tuvia again before we move on from the irish oaks mark. I graham second snowfall. Issue the minute the word the favor and would not be taking any of the while the majority price seems to be seven two two four two which we taking any of that mark the moment but if i had to be stretchered to yourself and love i think love might be more an extra towns at given that we have acts which thinking fighting last ten years or something along those lines have been run with an easing the ground and we know elevated the stress that love absolutely is based which gets raffling. Quick ground i. I would have to think that if at the way it's never been considered snowfall is a better chance to win it in the air than love bush. I still think the arc winner. We haven't seen her to season. I still think now is going to pop up with this masterminded strategy again to target the ultimate. You just get the sense. That wants the carton come now on her season at last year in keenan at the breeders sculptor. This was the date that soccer is on the calendar to return to paris. Have one of our my opera under Deep deep d- excited to see what she can do. If you gave me a free ten davin the horrible. Strictly on the o'brien cities. I'd probably just in this particular sentence circumstances if we got an easy to grow. Give you snowfall over

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