NFL Players React to COVID Outbreak Policy


We're talking about the NFL's protocols. Vaccination protocols, health and safety protocols. The fact that unvaccinated players and for staff if they lead to an outbreak, The team has to pony up money. Lost revenue. The players on both teams. Both teams lose game checks. And, Yeah, you get a loss on your record. You forfeit the game, But you getting lost. You don't play that game again. The NFL is basically putting it's foot to the next of players to kind of pressure them to get vaccinated. The NFL is a business that ain't messing around with their money. DeAndre Hopkins just semi threatened retirement and he was just like No, I'm Don't worry about it. He deleted the tweet. He's like, Hey, I plan on being here for nine more years. Jalen Ramsey said. Look, I am not going to pressure my teammates. He says. Whatever they do, they do. He says. I get it. I'm not going to pressure anybody. Stefon Diggs is talking about accountability is availability. He's in favor of, you know players getting vaccinated. Baker Mayfield says that it will be a competitive advantage for any team that's vaccinated. The majority. He says. It's way more than that. It's about safety, general health and well being of human life.

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