Hector Rodriguez on What Inspired Him to Create El Peso Hero

Latino USA


I. Am the creator of the graphic novel lattes next series as best so hero hours raised in the border so specifically i was raised in eagle pass texas. Which is about two hours away from san antonio in the sister city of being that us negative. While we la norfolk mexico. The border is a whole different world. It's rage between cultures languages food and growing up. I had a huge appetite for mexican entertainment media. And so i used to watch a lot of lucia di team flask staticky of when the yolk when the letter mccain and my grandparents loved the golden age of mexican cinema. Aw and so. Those characters are greater than life. And i had that influence. My father was also huge geek himself with being raised by watching. You know the old scores star trek. And you know reading captain herkus upturn rock and so i had these two worlds and i was just fascinated with these greater than life characters by you know. The american characters never really spoke to me. You know i like. I like to get around you know. When was the last time you saw batman eat bananas. You know or superman eat bundled say a spider meeting poly no of of course it wasn't until By ninety late ninety one eighty two. We moved to middle of texas college station which to me was a huge culture shock going from a majority latino classroom bilingual classroom to a general ed monolingual classroom but really cool thing about college station that they actually had independent comic bookstores. And so my dad would take me and my siblings to pick up comic books.

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