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Number eight and christ third quarter two thousand twenty one daniel duda bobby joe will give our opening per lord in heaven on the sabbath day. Where so grateful that we get rest in you. We also lord find ourselves so grateful that you facilitate reconciliation and healing so in our hearts and in our relationships with others entrust replaced ourselves in your hands today and in this discussion. We ask that your name and your character be seen clearly. Thank you lord in. Jesus name amen. Amen thank you bobby joe. So lesson number eight and this week we look at different examples of healing one is from mark two and the other is the story of elijah from i kings nineteen. Let me start from a different angle. Which bible text would you consider the most convincing proof of divinity of jesus if someone asked yet but jesus was just a human being the like anyone else which bible text. Would you consider one. Of the most convincing bruce for you the jesus must be more than a human being mere human being about his divinity comes to my mind is alert transfiguration okay so experiences such as no human being experienced anything similar elsewhere. Okay thank you rita. All things are created by him or him and he is before all things and by him all things are held together and have their being in cautions or definitely colossians one and the purpose of the chapter east to elevate jesus at the level of creation and so all arians who say the jesus just another one of created beings go exactly against the grain of sion's one because the purpose of that him notice of that song which is quotes from an early christian liturgy is to elevate jesus and show that he's not on the level of creation. Yeah so it's a good one of course depends on you believing that paul is inspired and that it's a statement of affirmation looking for evidence not just statement it's in the resurrection of lazarus to me raises the dead right. Sure what to with peter raising to bitter or paul. Raising utica said that happened after. And jesus did made the claim that he was got and yet you still raise. Peter never made that claim near the all on the cross where. Jesus forgave those. Who were crucifying ultimate forgiveness. Who could do that. Yes incredibly noble thing that to the people that are nailing him on the cross who reject their king of the jews. He says i'm not upset with you. I understand your process of reasoning. How you came to this conclusion that this is something that needs to be done. And he's not against you as far as a verse. John i think yes sure. That's an important one. The word was with god and the word was god now. The reason why i am raising is that we had one in one of the previous lessons in less than five. It was matthew eleven. Twenty eight come to me. And i will give you rest and we've got the second one in the story that we have today in mark two. Jesus forgive since both of them deal with the deepest human needs now. Of course they might defend gurus in this world. Who said If you follow me come to me for my teaching and get into this yoga position or follow my teaching and that will bring some deeper satisfaction or inner peace. But if you haven't seen the movie kumara you certainly should about the gurus. And what they bring to humanity of their deepest human needs that no other human being can satisfy and one of them is the inner peace and the second one is being forgiven. And remember the priests in the old testament. They only declared god's forgiveness they were not the ones who could forgive the sins of people. Larry when i was reading mark to most of the versions that i read christ doesn't say that e per cent zone a couple of version i found. Were that's implied. Everything else says

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