Blackalicious Rapper, Gift of Gab, Dead at 50


We pay tribute to the life and work of Timothy Parker, the artist known as Gift of gab. I am seeing half of black delicious. We learned today passed away at the age of 50. Left behind a tremendous discography. So lyrically dexterous. We heard the track world of Vibrations from the craft album that was the last album is black, Delicious. First in flight featuring Gil Scott Heron off the blazing Arrow album. Also the black Alicia's track, alphabet aerobics, the cut chemist 2.5 minute workout. Oh, heart gift of gab is truly an acrobat on the mic on that one running through the alphabet in order. Off the top of his head. We let off the set of music with black Delicious is deep in the jungle, one of their early tracks off the melodic A E p. I need to do as we say goodbye to one of the greats.

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