Hawaii LDS School Removes Student’s God-Given Agency


So you are. Lds and the the kind of intersection here is very interesting because in the lds community. I would imagine that having hesitancy towards massa pharmaceutical intervention is a belief a lot of. Lds families have right. So how do they not grant you that medical exemption. i. I don't understand. I find that my health is my responsibility in your health. Is your responsibility right. So my heavenly father blessed me with the gift of agency. That was something. I was worn with something. I was given. I came here. And that's what i believe. I have agency and here in america were given liberty and it's the freedom to choose for ourselves so we have our agency in our liberty and that's not anyone take away from me as my own choice so for the school to say that. Oh i should just get a different vaccine or i get an mri vaccine. Because i should be fine. What how are you allowed to say that. But it's not your government taking that away or church sponsored school and that's where it's hard because i it's not the church but the church sponsors school so it's so it's confusing. You would think. At least. I would that of all places that would at least honor that kind of liberty would be an lds institution harsher and you appeal directly the president directly to the resume. Said no take your risk. You might've right. Thanks for shaw. Yeah and that was the hard part. And i do believe that. So it's not all kirk schools. Byu provo byu. I idaho and pathway. That's not something they've mandated but it is in

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