Author Doug Hershey Shares His Book 'Jerusalem Rising'


I'm playing the role of eric. Metaxas oh do my best album. Try to do your best to play. album sadar. We're gonna get through this together. Exciting in a few minutes. I want to announce what's happening in this hour in a few minutes. I'm talking to. Mike pompeo former secretary of state for the united states of america. This is the guy that sat toe to toe with. Kim jong hoon But who has and gave him a wedgie and kim jong un is so out of touch he didn't even realize what happened. Yeah so pompeo is coming up in the next segment. I should announce yesterday and the day before which is monday and tuesday. This week i was in tampa florida at the. Charlie kirks teepee usa turning point usa student action summit was i mean i don't know but i was there and i got to interview people. That normally wouldn't like mike. Mike pompeo and on the beach. You've got a great

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