A highlight from Episode 222 Summer Movie Madness pt 2

The Moratorium


That would be pretty kick ass and remember long leg. Well guys. summer's almost over. We have to cram as many movies in as possible. It's time for the summer movie madness part to it's more bikinis boobs and blood and a couple of movies have nothing to do with summer but at least we're having a good time q the music and in three two one. Don't think that's the match made in a bathroom floating into the void. I can't stop jason. I have a problem. I have a real problem I like cheesy movies. Okay i can find other things to do while. I'm watching said movies and i very mysterious. Already dig it. I watched yet another movie. I have five movies to talk about. And i almost watched another one last night. I actually. I watched one last night. I had one more lined up. That i was going to watch it now. Do all of them fall into the category of summer movies. It's kind of hard to say because one of them was listed on a summer movie thing in it. The entire thing to place in the snow ski school. No are they at a ski resort. no they are not. I mean it can be summertime and silvy snowing. sure. I don't know alaska or siberia i but it was just like a camp type situation but they just happened to be in the wintertime. I guess preparing for the summer camp type thing. So and yeah but before we get started with this With this shenanigans of this summer movie madness. I of like the way it sounds. Just because it's mad we need a We need some effects like some explosions or a chainsaw. Some screaming you know. I can't get away from the slasher flicks. And that's that's my thing. I love slasher flicks. The majority of those occurred during the summer. Don't right i think. Probably the number one greatest summer slasher flick would be friday the thirteenth sure. I know we can talk endlessly about all of those movies. That's not what we came here for a we we love. If you wanna hear an in depth conversation go listen to in voorhees. We trust because sure. I love that too. Don't feel ashamed now telling people to go now. Now they're good guys is truly great. I just love the the things that they kind of drill down on are the things that really have nothing to do with the main plot of the movie which i guess that does sound familiar because what we do too i

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