In my studies of history. Payments for having Children.


To $300 a month for each child. This is a lot of money that's going out to a lot of families Joining me now. ABC is Faith Bouquet from Washington, D. C. And this seems rather unusual. I I've never seen it least in my studies of history. Payments for having Children. Ah, lot of families are looking forward to that money in the Biden administration has been picking this something that could lift a lot of Children out of poverty. And right now, according to the administration, 88% of Children across the country will be able to benefit from this provision that was added to that coronaviruses relief package we saw passed earlier. This year when the Biden administration first took office. And remember that was a huge fight over this covert 19 relief package because of the price tag $1.9 trillion. No Republicans supported it. And now we're seeing some of these provisions come to light and the money. The Czechs will start going out July 15th. And after that, it will go out the 15th of every month unless the 15th happens to fall on a holiday or the weekend. Then that day would change slightly based on which day is closer to the scum that 50 Means of that month. Now the tax credit is already something that was on the books already. This is just an expanded version of what was already law here in the U. S. But it was Captain $2000 for families and families could only get them funny once they found their their Texas and they would get a credit on that based on how much they make and how many kids they have in the household. What changed with this new A new expanded version of the tax credit is the fact that it increases the amount that you get a year for having kids. And it also adds more pet parents to this pool of eligibility and allows parents actually get monthly tax in their bank accounts instead of having to wait to follow their taxes. At the end of the year to get this credit, So your question probably is how much money is going to these families? If you have Children, you can expect up to $3000 per child or $3600 for each child under the age of six for the year 2021 off course, their income restrictions and the money phases out before qualified families. That makes about up to $300 per month for each child that you have that's under the age of six years old. If you have kids there, between 8 to 16 17, you can expect up to $250 a month again that fazes out depending on how much you make, but the money will come in the form of checks. If you have directed positive formacion on file with the IRS, or it can be mailed to you, um to your home address, but for families that were not eligible in the past, as I was explaining it in the past with the regular child tax credit If you were too poor to file your taxes at the end of the year, you wouldn't get any money Well, this allows the poorest of the poorest parents to also give money. All they have to do is go to the iris left side and further your income information and they will be able to be eligible as well. But most households don't really have to do anything in order to start seeing this money. So there's being part of the expanded child tax credit and correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like it's almost in advance. What people would get when they filed their taxes. Is that correct? That is correct that you're getting it on the front end. Instead of having to wait to the end of the year when you saw your Texas to get that credit as a lump sum. Has. Instead you're getting a monthly check. That's a B C's faith Boobie talking with Cuomo's Jeff Po Djula. The Supreme Court has agreed to take up a major abortion case. That's next term. The case concerns a controversial 2018 Mississippi law. That band most abortions After 15 weeks, the case could present a direct challenge to Roe vs Wade, which legalized abortion nationwide in 1973. Comeau, political analyst Ron dot Sarah says the case will have big implications on the 2022 elections. Not the court is taken up or not. By then, the fact that they have agreed to take it out triggers all the rest of the political scenarios that will occur as a consequence of this This will be the first abortion case heard about Supreme Court since conservatives solidified their majority

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