Senator Mazie Hirono's Humble Beginnings


Maisy hirono serves the state of hawaii. Her family emigrated to the aloha state from japan. When she was a little girl she talks about it in her new memoir. Heart of fire an immigrant daughter story in a rare bipartisan. Vote her bill to address. Hate crimes against asian american pacific. Islanders recently passed in the senate. Welcome senator hirono. It's good to be with you for eye. Let's start with your origin story. Like any superhero. You have one and and it's a tough one you know Tell us about your early childhood in also was going through at the time. I was born in a prefecture japan and at the age of three i went to live with my grandparents grandparents because i had an injury and my mother wanted me to get the care necessary and that would be through where my grandparents live not where my mother lived silat with my grandparents from age three until just before we came to this country in the meantime my mother and endured a an abusive marriage to my father who i did not know get to know really and his family who treated her like a slave so that families and allow japanese families said the bride becomes part of the husband's family and they really didn't treat her well so at one point. She finally decided she had to get away get far far away and she brought me and my older brother to hawaii. We had a very little in fact we have nothing wants to case And my mother started off with the two older. Kiss me and my brother who could go to school and sadly having to leave my younger brother in japan in the care of my maternal grandparents but You know he was three years old too young to go to school in their be. Nobody in this country to take care of him. While mom worked so very very humble beginnings

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