A highlight from We Made It Weird #37


You walk made it weird with me home. What's happening weirdos. Oh gun weirdos. This is a great one again. We just had an hour or so. Yeah we this is the only time we've gotten to spend together in the past couple of days so it was great. Yeah it was great we. It was a short one. But we like get down to the nitty gritty. Right away into the nitty grady. Right into it so. I don't think it was wasted. Not not all that bullshit you get up top usually thirty minutes of bullshit bullshit but we still had a lot of laughs. That's you know what a laughs were spring. I know you already listening everybody. But like we're selling it to there were laughs throughout big lamps. Yeah and good good site psychological stuff and spiritual stuff. So we're so excited year. Thank you for taking the time to your week. Join us we love it.

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