Nice day for us. It's really



Maybe a degree or two warmer than yesterday. Yesterday we stay in the low to mid seventies. That's about where will be today. You're definitely dealing with some fault this morning. Now, after the sun's coming up before six a.m. mainly west of D, C and we're gonna continue to see some fog and in fact, a dense fog advisories been posting till about nine a.m.. But it'll burn off. We'll have some clowns today. Some sun today. Just not too bad of a day out there. Just dry and boy, are we gonna be dry this week As we start to heat up tomorrow temperatures low to mid eighties. Plenty of sun Wednesday temperatures so low to mid eighties Plenty of sun by Thursday. We're right around that 90 degree mark with plenty of sun, And in fact, we are at 90 or above Friday, Saturday and Sunday, And as I said, the last time we had 90 degrees was early of September

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