Support their candidate, Joe Biden. And you know this is a Systematic



Nation came out In big numbers. You support their candidate, Joe Biden. And you know this is a Systematic approach to pushing back on a group of people like the Navajo people in voting. No says the Navajo Nation has gone to court before to make sure voting laws were fair and is prepared to do so again if they have to. The United Auto Workers say union employees at a Volvo plant in Virginia have rejected a tentative labor agreement. Members at the Assembly operations facility and Dublin will continue working as they negotiate the terms of the deal. Volvo TRUCKS North America says about 2900 people who work at the plant or represented by the union. Negotiations for new five year deal began in February. A tentative agreement was reached on April 30th following a strike. Volvo says its plant in Dublin, Virginia, is the largest drug manufacturing facility in the world. Three day cease fire marked by violent attacks claimed mostly by the Islamic state Group ends in Afghanistan amid calls for renewed peace talks A Taliban spokesman says negotiators met briefly in cutter and renewed their commitment to find a peaceful end to the war. US has urged

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