Celebrating Asian-Pacific Heritage Month


Gonna talk about Some attitudes towards the api community and some data and also share a few stories and backgrounds along the way and for that we are joined by our special guests one of the co founders of launch dot. Org norman chan and eric toda global head of social marketing at facebook. Welcome to the show gentlemen. Thanks for a ravenous later to be here. Yeah so good time you booth and i feel like part of me wants to say happy. Asian pacific american heritage month. But it's been such a time of reckoning for our community and for our allies. And i don't know the data that we'll talk about is really staggering. And i think stuff that we all know or our friends or our leaders have experienced So it's a really kind of psalm. Bring time as well. Do you all feel kind of mixed right now algebra here i think that First off thanks for having us on the show. And i think one of the things you missed is a actually board member of launched to. So i'm one of norman's followers you don't i look at. I look at what. Asian pacific heritage months is meant to do. It's meant to recognize our history. Recognize and celebrate our journey in this country collectively and not just east asian or south asian or south east asian. And so i do think this month has meant a lot more to the community more so in previous years because we are in the midst of a larger cultural awakening for our community where it's an empowerment month. It's a it's not just a celebration month or remembers. It's an empowerment months and i think a lot of things are coming to life. That are outcomes of one. The the the response to the hate in the violence against our community and the outcome and byproduct of that are very positive things.

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