Camp County, North Bound And Frasca discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Looked pretty dry 62 degrees now Midtown Atlanta is we update the morning drive again? Here's where it became, like clearing Lok roadworks got out of Stockbridge Menace clothes on I 75 North Bound, leaving I 6 75 Clearing the work at Highway 1 38 exits to 28. The crows breaking out of those two right lanes now should be Up and running a shortly If you're rolling 85 north bound out of Newman, you're in great shape up to Union City D O T now reporting a crash in bound between Conyers into Camp County. I 20 west out past Sigmund Road. What do you see on 25? Actually Frasca picking of the barrels in the Southeast perimeter. Now, from the right lanes. Be careful to 85 eastbound headed toward Boulder crests and brake lights coming over from Moreland Avenue. Traffic brought to you by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. May his national foster care Month. For more information about becoming a foster parent in the state of Georgia. Call 877 to 10 kids or visit foster Georgia dot com. That's foster Georgia dot com. Triple team traffic 95.5 WSB. Well, we've kept score for you throughout the pandemic in a way that you know certainly relevant to everyone because the virus could have affected anyone. Let's get the latest numbers.

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